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Back pain can range from mild to severe, but no matter what level you are experiencing, pain is always a signal from the body that something is not right and needs your attention.

Back pain is one of the most common occurrences among modern day adults and one of the major reasons reported for time off work. Most often people associate back pain with physical problems such as over-exertion, heavy lifting, postural problems, and repetitive stress injuries like computer work and reading. However, back pain can also be caused by non-structural issues, such as poor nutrition, systemic inflammation or immune issues, dysfunction of bodily organs, and emotional reasons such as stress.

Symptoms of back pain can include:

Achey or stiffness along the spin

Sharp stabbing pain in a specific area

 Increase in pain on changing positions- laying to standing sitting to standing.

 Numbness and tingling in a specific pattern from the spine radiating out

Some Red Flags:

You should contact a doctor immediately if:

You notice weakness in any muscle groups or loss of bowel bladder function.

Pain persists throughout the night affecting your ability to sleep for a long period of time.

Acute pain is accompanied by a fever and stiffness in the neck that gets significantly worse quickly.

Our team will work with you to assess the cause of your pain and then provide the best course of treatment.

Sebastopol Chiropractor Dr. Laura Polak, D.C., and The Radiant Health Team will work with you to assess the cause of your Back and Neck Pain Condition and then provide the best course of treatment. We will recommend the most effective Back and Neck treatments, depending on the cause of your individual problem.


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