Sciatica is the compression of a bundle of nerves called the sciatic nerve. Presentation is sharp pain that starts in the buttock and ra


diates down the back of thigh. A true definition of sciatica includes pain that radiates past the knee into the foot and toes.

Patients often feel sciatic pain with a low back pain and describe the sciatic pain as more intense and nerve like compared to a more diffuse generalized pain common with low back pain. Because the sciatic nerve is involved in sciatica it is important to find the root of the compression of the nerves and differentiate it from surrounding nerves.

Common causes of sciatica can be herniation, piriformis spasm, misalignment of the sacrum and pelvis anything that compress the nerve roots. Sneezing, heavy lifting straining on bowel movements all tend to increase the symptoms of Sciatica.

Our team will work with you to assess the cause of your condition and then provide the best course of treatment. The most effective treatments, depending on the cause of your individual problem, are: