Chiropractor Sebastopol

About Radiant Health

A new pain-free life

The Radiant Health Mission

To provide exemplary holistic health care to our community by empowering individuals to utilize their pain and suffering towards awakening to their highest potential.

Our Natural Health Professionals Believe:

• In your body’s own ability to heal. We are facilitators in your own process of health and healing.

• Listening to you and your body. Our appointments are four times longer than average so that we can get to the root of your problem.

• In working in collaboration with other modalities we will serve your healthcare needs better.

• In maintaining a strong relationship with you will facilitate sustained and long-term health.

Sebastopol Chiropractor Dr. Laura became a doctor to help people make the connections between their physical bodies, their emotional bodies, and their biochemical makeup.  She will assist you in your health journey by employing all aspects of healthcare to give you a holistic viewpoint that is often overlooked in our specialist society.