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Release Your Stress With Network Spinal

Network Spinal™ (often called Network Spinal Analysis, or simply Network Care) was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein over 30 years ago.

Network Spinal is exclusively practiced by Doctors of Chiropractic. Like all forms of chiropractic, Network Spinal addresses the nervous system as a means to promote healing in the body. Unlike other forms of care, Network Spinal promotes change from the inside out by reprogramming your brain and nervous system to release stress-based ways of holding tension through the nervous system and body so that you can feel your best and enjoy life more.

Network Spinal is unique from almost all other forms of health care on the planet because it works with what is already working with you instead of what is wrong. We make light touches, called entrainments, at the places where your nervous system attaches to bones where there is the most peace in your system. These places are called spinal gateways. These gateways of peace allow you to reflect on the way your body is currently holding physical, emotional and chemical tension patterns and change them. This allows you to not only “get rid of pain or discomfort” but to literally change the way you have been being in the world and create new more effective strategies for your own evolution (please click on ANC research for articles and studies indicating the neuronal advancement from NSA). These light touches remind the brain of what it is like to be in a state of peace and the brain sends signals back down to the body to reorganize the system to move back to a more effective way of being. Not only does this help address “problems” but it frees up the nervous system from old patterns that were taking up a lot of energy, allowing you more energy and freedom in your life.

How it Works!

The application of Network Care is provided by a Doctor of Chiropractic. Specific low force touches are applied to your spine which assists your brain in developing new strategies to unravel spinal cord tension in your body allowing your nervous system to function more effectively, increase your body awareness, and promote new wellness strategies

With decreased tension in your nervous system and greater body awareness, your experiences will include:

Feeling lighter and energized
Experiencing greater well being
Decrease in muscle tension and pain
An increase in health and flexibility in the body
Ability to adapt to stressful situations
Experiencing greater relaxation
Improved quality of life
Greater awareness of your self and your life’s purpose
Improvement in posture
Better sports performance
Functioning at a higher level
A stronger resistance to disease


Meet Our Expert

Dr Laura Polak Sebastopol Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Laura Polak, D.C.

Chiropractor Sebastopol

Sebastopol Chiropractor Dr. Laura became a doctor to help people make the connections between their physical bodies, their emotional bodies, and their biochemical makeup.  She will assist you in your health journey by employing all aspects of healthcare to give you a holistic viewpoint that is often overlooked in our specialist society. 


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