Neck pain can occur from anywhere in your head to the top of your shoulders. It is common for people to report tight muscles or knots in the head and face as well as the base of the neck into the shoulders. Sometimes the pain radiates down to the arms or into the mid-back.

Tension headaches are common in patients who complain of neck and shoulder pain as well as decreased range of motion of the neck. Neck and shoulder pain is often caused by strain such as long hours reading , working at a computer, working overhead painting or construction, whiplash type injuries, slouching and poor posture or “sleeping wrong”.

Treatment: Our team will work with you to determine if the pain is coming from the bones-ligamnets and tendons, the muscles, the nervous system, an infection or biochemical process or tension from daily living.

Depending on your individual presentation we will rule out severe trauma and recommend a course of treatment to rehabilitate your neck and help your body heal.

Our team will work with you to assess the cause of your condition and then provide the best course of treatment. The most effective treatments, depending on the cause of your individual problem, are: