MO Washburn, MT

MO Washburn, MT

Massage Therapist


Deep relaxation, lymphatic drainage, support in returning to homeostasis, alignment, intuitive healing, tension and muscular release

Every session is an opportunity for my client and me to listen deeply and respond. each session is a collaboration. is nourishment needed? more movement and stimulation? release? the more awareness a client can bring to our sessions together, the more can shift in the physical and emotional planes.

Ultimately my hope is that through our work together you will have the opportunity to connect to your inner well of healing energy as well as to your own inner guidance and have the ability to move through life from this resourced and informed place. this in turn fuels your connection to the greater web of life outside of yourself in the way you deeply desire.

What i offer is unconditional loving presence for you to come as you are and simply be. i provide deep, nourishing and caring touch.


Between 2-3 hrs

We start each session with a check-in on your emotional and physical body to understand what is going on in the present moment. you set an intention for the practice as a foundation for what is holding the session and your healing moving forward. this information informs the structure of the time on the table.

I utilize tools such as:

  • Lymphatic drainage techniques
  • Swedish esalen strokes
  • Acupressure holds
  • Gua sha (traditional chinese lymphatic movement/muscular release)
  • Chinese cups
  • Energywork
  • Arvigo techniques of maya abdominal therapies
  • Prenatal and postpartum support
  • Jaw and pelvic release techniques

Netra basti treatment:

1 hr

Netra basti is a traditional ayurvedic treatment for the eyes. dough dams are applied around one eye at a time and either warm ghee (clarified butter) or castor oil is placed inside the dam. the client then opens the eyes, closes them, and then i proceed to massage around the eyes. this treatment can break down old built up tension, mucous, move debris, lubricate the eyes and clarify vision. other benefits of netra basti include:

  • Reduces tension and migraine headaches
  • Roothes dry, itchy, eyes
  • Provides relief from allergies
  • Improved vision
  • Increased concentration and mental acuity
  • Combats eye strain from tv, computers, and smartphones
  • Relieves eye socket tension, twitches, and squinting
  • Eases wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes
  • Slows the natural degeneration of the eyes

Yoni/vaginal steam in your home:

2 hrs

  • Education
  • Ceremony
  • Steam with herbs

Group yoni steam education and ceremony

Retreat/Ceremony in your home/retreat space:

1-3 days

This is where you carve out days to unplug and go into a deep healing process of listening, releasing and receiving

  • Each morning we take time for gratitude, reflection, letting go
  • Bodywork: 2.5-3 hours/day
  • Option for me to cook seasonally organic nourishing or cleansing food for you in connection with your personal needs and desires, enough food is prepared for 3 meals/day
  • Daily teas
  • Daily bathing support
  • Daily steam inhalation with fresh herbs
  • Enema instruction (enema kit provided) and enema tea preparation



Sebastopol, California office

$90/hr – sessions are usually between 2-3hrs

$90/session – yoni steams in your home

Oakland, california office

$100/hr, includes travel costs

In-home visits

$100/hr, includes travel costs


1-3 day retreat in your home or rented retreat space

$500/day – retreat without prepared food

$580/day – retreat with prepared food


$30/person – yoni steam group sessions, minimum of four people, maximum 10 people

$400/day – for retreats, i see a maximum of 3 clients a day, travel and lodging must be paid/provided for.

Travel work

I will travel for groups. if you can arrange a series of sessions where you live, i can travel outside of the bay area. hourly rates apply (or can be negotiated), travel and housing to be provided or added to the bill at cost.

*Note: I don’t do sliding scale but i want to work with people who are dedicated to do the work collaboratively. if my fee is a challenge for you, we can have a discussion on how to adjust the fee to make this work possible for you.



Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8-7

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