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Acupuncture uses very fine needles (so fine they can be thought of as qi antennae rather than needles!) inserted in acupuncture points along the course of a meridian. The entire body is coursing and suffused with meridians and their interconnections. Meridians connect the eyes to the feet, the organs to finger and toe tips, the surface of the skin to the deepest aspects of our bodies, much as freeways, highways, streets, avenues, lanes, boulevards, alleys, footpaths and trails provide interconnection and ways of transportation. Any of these passage ways can become blocked and impede or stop the flow of qi (vital energy). If there is a blockage the body/mind/spirit may perceive pain, discomfort, inflammation, unease, disease, inhibition, depression, anxiety or imbalance of some kind. The placement of the needles in particular points stimulates the stronger movement of the body's vital energy along and through the passage ways which pushes through and dissolves the blockage, restoring proper flow of qi.

Depending on how long the condition has persisted, acupuncture treatments are repeated, teaching the body how to untangle the blocks, or stop creating the blocks, until health is restored. Ten short treatments in ten days has been used in China. Many people get relief in two to four to six treatments, either weekly or twice per week frequency of visits. Often, the longer the condition has existed, the longer the course of treatment. More acute conditions, such as a sprained ankle, will respond in 2 to 3 treatments. Chronic conditions may need 10 to 12 treatments, however, the person will usually feel much better in 4 to 6 treatments. Each person's body, emotions, mentality, and state of health are different and unique though most imbalances often will fit into types of patterns. The identification of these patterns help determine which points to use. Acupuncture is so powerful that it will work whether two points or twenty points are used. Part of the reason it works so well is that, historically, practitioners passed down to their apprentices what worked, so the science of the medicine was always evolving around what actually helped patients feel better.



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