Melissa Wilson, M. Sc., L.Ac. at Radiant Health


Melissa's aim in treatment is to help people with imbalances, varying from pain of all kinds to gallstones to depression, get back to vibrant health, and to remind the mind-body-spirit of its own infinite healing resources and guide it onto its own healing path. She is a very accepting, sensitive, present and focused practitioner. Patients report feeling listened to, safe, and cared for during sessions.

She understands that pain can affect every aspect of a person's life. 1) Emotionally, the person in pain is on edge, irritable and will have a harder time with relationships. 2) Physically, the person restricts healthy exercise and related activities. 3) Mentally, the person will experience “mind fog”, have trouble thinking, making decisions, and problem solving. 4) Pain often can lead to depression because of its far-reaching effects. 5) Socially, the person in pain tends to retreat. He or she may rarely feel up to or strong enough for going out and being around other people. Isolation is a hallmark of pain and depression. Patients who have pain relief from acupuncture, and the other modalities that Melissa uses, report improvements in all of the above five areas.

Many people have been able to avoid surgery by getting acupuncture treatments and herbal therapy from her. Surgeries avoided include cholecystectomy (removal of the gall bladder), plantar fascitis surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, knee replacement, shoulder, back, and neck surgery. They report that what they came in to work on resolved as well as other long buried or even forgotten issues thought to be “lost causes”. They receive side benefits rather than side effects.

Patients have turned to Melissa for support through life transitions such as adolescence, menopause, and aging. In adolescence, growing pains, acne, emotional ups and downs can be soothed with the work she offers. In menopause, aches, pains and injuries can increase as well as hot flashes, insomnia and digestive issues. Gentle and supportive treatments help ease this challenging transition. Older patients report better vitality and energy with treatment, better mental sharpness, relief of anxiety and worry that can accompany the changes of aging, and less aging! Patients feel and look younger! During pregnancy, nausea, sinus problems, muscle pain, and severe foot pain can all plague the expectant mom. Melissa has had excellent results safely relieving these issues so moms can better enjoy and sail through pregnancy with ease. Women's issues of all kinds benefit from treatment with acupuncture: pre-menstrual syndrome, irregular periods, heavy menstrual bleeding, and bleeding in between periods. When fighting cancer, the gentle, nurturing, and effective treatments help the patient successfully journey from illness to health, with decreases in the intensity of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and better ability to keep strong, and eat and sleep well.


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