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Acupuncture is a traditional form of bringing the body into optimum health using very tiny needles to stimulate points on the body.  These points are part of an interconnected system that spans the entire body and uses specific points to treat the root of the imbalance creating a reduction of signs and symptoms.  Acupuncture sees every human and an individual and each treatment is designed specific to each patients needs.  Living in a fast moving world with never ending stressors it is easy for our bodies to get stuck in overdrive, and an acupuncture session can act as a reset button for the nervous system.  When the body is relaxed and the nervous system is in parasympathetic mode our body can heal and realign itself.  Depending on how long the condition has persisted, acupuncture treatments are repeated, teaching the body how to untangle the blocks, or stop creating the blocks, until health is restored.  Many people get relief in two to six treatments and come in once or twice a week, although often the longer the condition has existed, the longer the course of treatment necessary.

Acupuncture sessions can also include adjunct treatments like cupping, massage, moxibustion and an herbal prescription.  Cupping treatments use glass cups, placed typically on the back, that suction the skin and when moved around feel like a deep tissue massage.  Pulling the skin away from the muscles, circulation and blood flow are increased and stagnation and pain are reduced.  Massage is used when there is physical pain in the body to break up scar tissue, increase circulation and stretch and release muscles that are stuck in spasm.  Dana has been trained in Shiatsu (Japanese massage) and Tui Na (Chinese massage) which are therapeutic and specifically target problem areas.  Herbal prescriptions help treat the body from the inside out.  Most come in a powdered form that is easily mixed with water or in a pressed pill form making them easy to consume and because they are in their natural form they are more easily absorbed by the body.  Prescriptions can be custom formulated so that the herbs match the individuals needs and treat the root cause of any discomforts being experienced in the body.



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"Dana is an amazing healer. she is patient, calm, and vibrant. She tunes in and listens to what is going on in your mind-body-spirit and sets you up for acupuncture that get right to the point. I got hit by a car on my bicycle and a friend recommended her to me. I was nervous as I still felt …

– — Rachel Binstock

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